Pheromone Girl Grows Up

Once upon a time...

I had the most lovely night with my girl tonight.

Thai food at our favorite place (Jade, that is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary on the 8th. Awesome)

A great doctors appointment and a therapist that will write Ezmond a hall pass as a certified therapy dog. Not bad for a man-eating pitbull. Or not.

I'm most happy about the fact that she knows all the lyrics to Bananaphone... by Raffi. It's just downright terrifying.

We listened to music and found some awesome, fun videos. Enjoy.


g-man said...

Hi Rachel..
I'm glad you liked these vids.
Not really my cup of tea, but thats what makes the World go round eh?
Family fun at a Thai joint though is a GREAT time!

Dawn said...

Oh well, what an honor for Mr. Ezmond. That deserves a celebration.

Riot Kitty said...

Raffi! I forgot all about him.

Good for Ez!

Whitemist said...

Good doctor's appointments are essential! I am looking for one next Tuesday!

Scarlet said...

Thai food! You're making me hungry. I need to get my little girl out for a mother/daughter night.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Celebrating fun, food, family and friends is the best!! enJOY your Thursday!!

Phil said...

I have to say, I like your musical choices in the blog post much more than Raffi. Thx for not putting a video of him on here.

Ho said...

Great music, good food and fantastic bonding that's the way to go :)

Have a great weekend Rachel :D

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