Pheromone Girl Grows Up

Once upon a time...



Leaning quietly over the bed full of sleeping little girl, the mermaid whispers quietly into her ear, tucking her hair bhind her ear.

"We miss you, darling. I hope it's everything you wished for."

She leaves a puddle of water on the floor as she disappears through the door. Stirring in her sleep, the little girl reaches out for something that is no longer there.

She sighs, turns over and falls back into a deep sleep, dreaming of silvery fish swimming around her toes.

The ocean welcomes her mother back in a warm, soft embrace.


Fireblossom said...

Oh I LOVE this!!!!! Love love LOVE it!

Riot Kitty said...


Whitemist said...

Can I join in It sounds lovely!

Monkey Man said...

You really know how to pull us in. Did you jump in the puddle?

Dawn said...

I LOVE this picture!

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