Pheromone Girl Grows Up

Once upon a time...



The muse has been awfully silent for a while
Waiting on inspiration, dreams, sage wisdom
To string together the sentences that thrill
Or bore
Or something in between.

When the angels fall silent, what do we do?
Should we feel haunted by the words we miss?
Or more so by those, if any, we find?
Oh, G-Man, what shall I do?
This 55 is dedicated to my muse, who seems to think it's fun to hide this Friday.
Play along - write a fictional story, in exactly 55 words, and let the him know at the link I linked my links to, above. Or don't.


G-Man said...

Rachel...Neither the Muse OR the Angel is devoid of inspiration this week...Thank You Very Much!
Excellent 55 Young Lady...
Thanks for finding time in this very long day to appease an old man..You Rock!!!
Have a Kick-Ass Week-End...G

Anonymous said...

So often it's in the words that are lacking that tell the story when they return. Great 55.

Take a gander at my 55 for the week.


Chef Kar

Dr.John said...

Our poor muse gets blamed for lots of things.
Great 55
Mine is posted


Hootin' Anni said...

THAT is fabulous!!!

Mine is posted always, scroll down below my Friday's show n tell.

big Jenn said...

I'm liking your 55! jeNN

clean and crazy said...

i think you found your muse even with a feeling of it's absence. great 55!!

Cat said...

Beautiful 55. I rather like the something in between part.

Rich said...

Nice change here. I like it!!!

Cheers from Boston!

Tall Kay said...

Creaivity is really hard for me, so I relate to the blank paper. I have to 'just do it' when the urge strikes. Exceptional 55 topic!

Mama Zen said...

She doesn't look lost from here!

Fireblossom said...

I know I'm being a little off-topic here, but I really love the wave coming in on your header!

ciara said... this 55. i think someone's found the muse ;0) i'm up at ramblings if you feel inclined. :0)

Mona said...

that is one very significant question!

Great 55ve!

Whitemist said...

You know they will come back, sometimes a break is needed for more creative endeavors!

Granny Annie said...

When angels fall silent it is because they are listening.

CJ said...

How clever. While waiting for inspiration, you write about waiting for inspiration, and seem to have found your inspiration quite nicely.

Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE.

Scarlet said...

What happened to my comment? :(

Scarlet said...

PS - Here are your five words for the game on my blog:

Promesa (your Spanish word)

Have fun and let me know when you post, OK??

Riot Kitty said...

Don't you hate it when the muse comes and goes? Fucker. We have a love/hate relationship.

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