Pheromone Girl Grows Up

Once upon a time...

I love to laugh with my besties.

My best friends, that is. Shay, all the way across the country, and Scarlet, at the southern corner of the other coast. Riot Kitty, right here in my town.

My guy friends, too. Major Healey (who gets a special gift this week) and Boss man, Aeon and the Woodsman (who I woke up this morning on his first day of vacation because I locked myself out of the office... Hi!) and all the other IT monkeys. Last Friday, when I was supposed to be on vacation, Iron Giant came by no less than 5 times to cheer me up. Dan-o played me the theme songs to all my fave 80s shows (insert A*Team theme song here). I have so many boys that I consider above the rest, it's hard to count them. DP who made me laugh today with stories of working through sick, just like me. He also drew me the coolest picture. No wonder I'm sick - everyone comes to work and shares the germs!

My home girls include the Duck fan, who is awesome and always there, even when I'm a pain in the ass. Which was often over the past year. MM, who fed me and the kids, even though it was a stretch, on more than one occasion and offers me the best advice on men. Really. The not-involved-with-them kind. I don't ask about those with whom I'm involved because I fear she'll recommend castration. Says FUCK a lot. At the drop of a hat. There's not enough FUCK in the world, I tell you.

In addition, there's Alicia in Paris, Edwina in London, Mom across town. Aimee in NY, Queens in Brooklyn (don't ask) and Jeffie in Honolulu. Angel whom I work with - at that other place, that shall remain nameless - and Queen of Meditation (or is that Medication?), who tells me there's "a number missing from your chi and if you find it out and chant it for 7 days, all will be well in your world". Uh huh... sure.

Then there's Madge, who makes me believe in people again. I love her ability to separate work from play. She gave me the best book to read called Little Bee by Chris Cleve. I've cried as I've read it and I know it gets worse and better before it's done. I miss her. I wish she'd get back - but I'm glad she's on an adventure. Things will be chaos enough when she returns. But there will be stolen moments for lunches and the occasional sunflower.

I have new friends, too. Party girl, who introduced me to Corner Pub and shares Whiskey stories whenever we can. She's fun and kind and makes me remember to smile at work. I'll miss her whil she's on walkabout. Kharma who believes that all things happen for a reason. I have to agree. Liam, who I miss. A lot. B & T & boys. You guys, I miss you. It's been way, way too long. Blonde Bombshell. And bicycle boy. All of you - I think of you, I miss you and I hope you know you are loved.

Now, I'm going to stop all the sappy CRAP and get back to work. But a big shout out to YOU, all my blog buddies. You make this all worthwhile. HI!


Fireblossom said...

We are lovin' us some Pheromone Girl, tooooooooo! Mwah mwah mwah, and mush and stuff. Yeah!

I don't know about that gal with the F-bombs, though. She sounds like trouble! *falls over laffing and waits to be brained by Twin*

Darth Weasel said...

You have been invited to chocolate, by the by, sometime mid-afternoon Saturday when the F-bomber makes their way back to this state, preferably somewhere in the Lloyd Center district

Mama Zen said...

A girl has gotta have friends!

Riot Kitty said...

Castration is too good for some of them...I'm thinking something slow and painful with a spork!


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